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The 7 Qualities You Must Have To Make It In The Music Business

Til | 4. November 2020

Most of the qualities I will be discussing have to do with the way you ‚think‘ rather than the specific actions you take. It is rare to find someone who has the right mindset that contains all of these qualities. However, you can get ‚trained‘ to develop a success oriented mindset and thus massively increase your chances for making it in the music industry.

Here are the most important qualities to develop for yourself in order to build a highly successful music career:

The Right Work Ethic Mentality

Of course it is obvious that you will need to work hard to build a successful music career. However, most musicians do not understand what ‚kind‘ of working mentality is required to truly ‚make it‘. The type of dedication needed requires more than just working a lot on your career. It requires:

1. Understanding the ‚correct‘ course of action to take in order to make progress. This means not just ‚working a lot‘, but working on the ‚right things‘ that will lead you where you want to go.

2. Working in the most effective and productive manner possible. Tons of people stay busy throughout the day, but never actually accomplish anything important. You don’t want to become one of these people.

3. Being aware of how everything you do factors into the growth of your music career in the long term.

4. Having the patience and commitment to do all the hard work ‚up front‘, long before you get a payoff of any kind. A common example of this would be recording a full length album in the studio before actually making any profit from it.

To develop the right work ethic mindset, work to clearly understand your long term music career goals and find a mentor who will help you determine the steps you must take to reach them.

Written by Til


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